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Regular car maintenance is essential to optimal performance. Though many mechanics and repair shops agree you must maintain your car, they disagree on the maintenance schedule. The car’s manufacturer will often set a maintenance schedule. The factory scheduled maintenance is what is often referred to as 30/60/90K maintenance. It means you should take the vehicle for service every thirty thousand miles even though the car feels fine. Read on to find out more:


The 30/60/90K maintenance schedule is primarily about taking the car for service after traveling the 30k miles. However, the service itself will begin by evaluating all the car’s major systems and components.
The service will also include fluid changes, including coolant, transmission, engine fluids, and oil.
It will also involve evaluating, repairing, and replacing car filters, including air, cabin, and fuel filters.
Wheel rotation and alignment will be done during the service. Computer spin balance and tire pressure inspection will also be part of 30/60/90K maintenance.

At higher mileage, checking the spark plugs and timing belts is necessary. A road test will determine if all the systems and components are in good condition.


30/60/90K vehicle maintenance is vital for several reasons. For starters, your warranty may require it. Some manufacturers may void the warranty if you do not follow the maintenance schedule.

The maintenance schedule has an element of regularity, which ensures small problems don’t grow larger and cause severe damage or total breakdown.

The 30/60/90K maintenance schedule can extend your car’s lifespan by keeping it running efficiently. Moreover, regular maintenance improves your car’s value when you sell it or trade it in for another.
The 30/60/90K maintenance schedule has its merits. For factory-scheduled vehicle maintenance, bring your vehicle to Eurasian Auto Repair today!

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