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Check Engine Light Diagnostics in San Antonio, TX

Your car’s check engine light illuminates when a problem or malfunction with your vehicle is detected. If your car’s check engine light is on this means it is time to give your trusted automotive repair facility a call to diagnose the what caused the check engine light to come on. We know that sometimes your check engine light may illuminate, yet you don’t notice any drivability issues. However, you should not put off scheduling a check engine light diagnostic service. Waiting until you notice drivability issues can mean that a small potentially inexpensive problem will increasingly get worse and now could cost you thousands of dollars. This is why we can not stress it enough that you should not hesitate to bring your vehicle in once the engine light comes on.

What is a Check Engine Light Diagnostic Service?

When you bring your vehicle into Eurasian Auto Repair for a check engine light diagnostic service our ASE certified technicians will use our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools. First, they will connect our diagnostic tools to the vehicle in order to communicate with the car’s computer. This will allow them to pull reference codes on what could be causing your check engine light to be on. Our technicians will then use these reference codes to further diagnose the issue. Depending on the specific reference code they will perform a series of tests to identify exactly what is malfunctioning. This check engine diagnostic process is in-depth and detailed to ensure that we diagnose the vehicle right the first time.

Most Common Check Engine Light Repairs

Now that you know the process of diagnosing the cause of your check engine light we wanted to share with you some of the most common repairs we see.

  • Spark Plug Repair: The health of your car’s spark plugs are linked directly to the performance of your engine. If you have weak or bad spark plugs they can start to cause misfires, problems starting, and even a drop in fuel economy. It is common for your check engine light to come on when it detects that a spark plug(s) have become weak or bad.
  • Ignition Coil Repair: It is the ignition coil’s job to deliver electricity to the spark plugs. If the ignition coil is malfunctioning then the spark plugs will not receive the right amount of electricity or at the wrong intervals. This can cause no start, misfires, rough idle, check engine light and more.
  • Valve Cover Repair: Inside of the valve cover in most BMW’s, there is a ventilation valve. The ventilation valve is made up of rubber components that over time wear and break. This will cause it to suck in oil where it doesn’t belong. When your BMW detects this issue it will cause your check engine light to come on.
  • Oxygen/O2 Sensor Repair: Your oxygen sensors work to performs tests on your vehicle’s exhaust and determine how much oxygen is in it. The data from these test is sent to your car’s computer which uses the data to make the perfect air to fuel mixture to ensure that your vehicle is working at optimum performance. This plays a role in the engine’s timing and the combustion intervals. When your O2 Sensors malfunction your car’s computer will notify you by turning on your check engine light.
  • Resecure Gas Cap: When your fuel system is not sealed airtight it will cause your check engine light to come on. This includes your gas cap not being secured properly or is cracked or broken. Depending on your gas cap we can provide you with a new gas cap so your fuel system can be secured properly.

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